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For me, fan activity is largely comic book fandom. Occassionally it means Old Time radio (OTR), sf (science fiction) or other areas of popular culture.



It's a girl's bike.


This is The Wife in her natural habitat.


So then I went underground for more than two decades.

Still, I kept up somewhat with comic books, and worked in a business that reprinted them and sold what we published. I worked both in the shipping end for many years, and later only on the publishing end. Although it sold to corporate ownership about 1993 I still work there.

Leaving fanac to have a wife and a home and a family has been worth it beyond my capacity to tell. But I think I’ve time now to if nothing else go on at length about the old days, and maybe start up the old HE’P! title--maybe before the end of the year.

Aug 24 2008 -- For some reason, I forget why now, I thought about the old fanac days and discovered that several of the original United Fanzine Organization people are still active. In fact, the UFO is still in business and they are in it.

This made me think about this largely blank page on my site and I’ve decided to fill it. To start off I will explain the time scale and reasons I stopped my fanac about 1982--26 years ago.

Although I started out a typical little kid on a tricycle (mid 50s) I soon got interested in comic books (about 1960). From there I escalated into ten-speeds and fanzine publishing (about 1972). One of my last titles was HE’P!, and there I am in front of the corporate snack bar in the mid 70s.

However, one day I met the woman I would love and in the early 80s I started slacking off on fanac and devoted my time and energy to making a home and a family with her.








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