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Just a Buncha Pictures 

Empty Flume

Full Flume
I was trying to explain to some folks that I once slid down a dry, empty log flume. I snatched these images from other sites to explain. Any (c) isn't mine.
Tourist Flume

Eat My Flume

Indian George
Unaltered Scan. I spent it later.
This is an unaltered scan, except I chopped off one side and obscured the serial number in the hope that will keep the Treasury Department off me. Naturally, I cannot claim (c).
We found the upper left photo of my dad, Edward Frederick Rock Jr., among my mother's things. That's dad in the center. I didn't recall ever having seen it before. The other three were from a box of photos a friend of mine bought from the estate of Mike Heller (whom he did not know was an employer of my father), and which he did not want. Knowing I was from the same town as Mr. Heller, he gave me the photos as a curiosity. Months later, my wife was looking through them and I spotted the upper right photo of Dad in the stack. Later we found the other two with the rifles. Odd, huh?
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