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In 2003, Fox Movie Channel started airing cleaned-up prints of Charlie Chan movies. I had forgotten how wonderful these were. They interrupted their "Chan Fest," but not before I discovered some excellent Charlie Chan sites on the web.
The first link is actually to some album pages allied to this site, with examples of the Charlie Chan newspaper strip. The colorful header above is concocted from the strip's logo and a footer strip, which latter would be added to the bottom of the full page version of the Sunday strips in papers which had a little more height than the strip itself occupied.
In each strip is CHARLIE CHAN’S NOTEBOOK, the little notebook pages in each strip’s title logo panel have aphorisms on them, the little sayings that were a hallmark of the Chan movies. Since they are a tad hard to read on the scans in my album, this is a list of the ones on the 12 Sundays here:

1. Fewer words spoken, fewer mistakes made. (2/26/39)

2. A snake in a bamboo tube still has poison fangs. (3/5/39)

3. [Lost issue.] (3/12/39)

4. The man who looks back sees his mistakes behind him. (3/19/39)

5. He who plays two parts invites twice as much danger. (3/26/39)

6. Guessing is cheap, but wrong guess expensive. (4/2/39)

7. Detective business consists of one insignificant detail placed beside other. (4/9/39)

8. Pleasure and profit so seldom found on same street. (4/16/39)

9. When you reach stone wall, circle about, seeking new path. (4/23/39)

10. Yet to come

11. Yet to come

12. Yet to come

Some Charlie Chan Sunday strips I have posted (Tripod has LOST these images, hope to reinstate someday. Sorry.)

Below is perhaps my favorite Charlie Chan site, mainly because of the excellent message board. There are many informative features on this quite beautiful site. The link will take you there and away from here. Bye!

Next is a completely different site, with a completely different style, and again many informative features. It has a special Charlie Chan newspaper strip page, with much more beautifully reproduced examples (currently from 1945) than mine--they are full RGB scans of a duotone half page. It also has a message board. It is also the home of the wonderfully fun regular chat room viewing of Charlie Chan films! This link will also transport you there, away from here.

Finally the "youngest" site I visit; a charming place that emphasizes the family values aspect of the Chan character. You'll just have to see it to appreciate it.

Charlie Chan Annex

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