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Miscellaneous local activity

I've made a habit of taking a coffee break with a group of local fellows, most of whom are retired now. We are known sorta kinda as the Ten O'Clock Group. The man with the 99th birthday did not live to see his 100th, but that's how it goes.


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The HOT Company was a general theatre company, but I got involved with them because they were doing a live production of Welles' radio play War of the Worlds. I was the only guy they knew who had a script! They continued to do live (mostly) radio shows, some over three hours in length. We felt guilty stealing existant plays and wrote our own. I wrote about a dozen and appeared in all of them. I also was in plays by other writers (with an occasional "tribute" segment of famous radio bits from the past). I did mostly character parts and difficult accents.


Alan Weaver is a friend of mine, who in this case has taken over the role usually played by his brother Larry Weaver. Larry and I are physically very similar, which was fun for the stage presentation but of course did not lend itself to any humor over the radio. Pity. I doubt the Weaver boys will mind their pictures being run with their names attached on this obscure website.

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