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A YEAR IN THE MAKING!! CLICK the giant fly head below right to immediately be whisked back to the 1950s and SEE the single-source set of info on the science fiction films of a SCIENCE-MAD decade. It will take a VERY long time to load due to displaying ALL film posters.


It is fun to make a website using using Tripod's Site Builder.

Since 1970 or so, whenever I could get a minute or two on the programmable calculators of the early 70s or the personal computers of the late 70s to date. But I've never been able to spend enough time to learn well anything other than what I've been doing as a paying job. Never has an employer arranged any class time, tutorials or mentoring--I've learned by doing, in isolation and with hints from outsource colleagues. Never had any classes on my own, with the exception of a three-session stint on Frontpage.


Some Links:

Below is a link to my wife's website. It's an all-new site, and unlike the old one will be updated, as she see fits:


Here is a link to the most fascinating condundrum of recent times:



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An Old Picture
Me, right, circa 1980.

Adding some material from the 70s and 80s to an "interior" page here, it occurred to me that there are no recent pics of me. This one below was shot in about 2006.

Sitting a brick..

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